Nova Kaplan, the daughter of 2 visual artists, grew up surrounded by paints, canvas and the world’s largest Prismacolor collection. Her interest in various artistic mediums has been a constant thread throughout her life. Around 18 years of age she and her best friend (a makeup artist) would trade skills, teaching each other the nuances of their respective crafts.

Nova started her professional career at M.A.C. Cosmetics in Florida, ascending the corporate ladder, which propelled her into the executive training branch of the company within 2.5 years of hire date. She moved to Nashville to take the position of resident trainer where she found herself in a constant flow of collaboration and learning which remains a constant focus and motivation to this day.

While in Nashville she decided it was time to transfer to Los Angeles to take her makeup artistry to the next level. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Nova was presented with an opportunity to travel to Sweden and the U.K. to work on various productions. Upon her return to the states Nova continued working with private clients and seeking out new opportunities for growth. While her industry focus remains in editorial, red carpet and commercial campaigns, she is also versed in film, television and body painting, showcasing all demographics.